The Hatton Ranch whitetail deer breeding program is focused on producing big framed wide typical bucks. This provides superior animals for stocking our ranch and supplying other breeders and ranchers looking to improve their hunting and breeding programs.

We purchased a breeding herd in 2006 with good foundation stock from South Texas, LSU and the Refuge. Since then, we have added animals with big typical genetics purchased from some of the top Texas breeders including Quad Boenker / Rockstar Whitetails, James Butler / High Roller Whitetails, Dick Cain / Trophy Ridge Ranch, Troy Grimes / Pine Meadow Ranch, Frank Marino and Anthony Campagna / 3 Amigos Ranch, Brad Sullivan / Sullivan Whitetails, Robert Williams / RW Trophy Ranch, and James Veitenheimer / V-Tex Whitetails.

In addition, we have added to our breeding program through artificial insemination with semen from some of the industry’s biggest and top producing bucks. We currently have does from Bambi 20-28, Express, Federal Express, G. B. Wallstreet, Gladiator, Gladiator ll, Gladiator XL, High Roller, J5 No Limit, Maxbo, Maxbo Royal Flush, Monarch ll, and Sudden Express. We are partners in several does out of Maxbo XL and Gladiator lll.

Our working facility allows us to load deer being moved to other breeders or ranches without tranquilizing them. We feel that loading bred does this way is the safest way to avoid problems for the doe or the unborn fawns. Tranquilizing them only adds risks. We maintain detailed records and most of our animals are DNA certified and registered with the North American Deer Registry. Our herd is Certified (6 years) by the Texas Animal Health Commission and TC1 with Texas Parks and Wildlife.  Animals from our herd released into your pasture do not require you to test harvested animals.

We have bred does and open does that can be AI bred using your choice of semen or naturally bred to one of our bucks or to your own buck. We also have a limited number of breed and stocker bucks for sale each year.  Semen from our top breed bucks is also available.
See our deer for sale page.

Please give us a call or send an email to see if we can help you improve your breeding program or help you stock your ranch.

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Ranch Owner: Rich Clonts
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